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Bitcoin Invest Club

Plans: 140% After 1 Day,340% After 5 Days,670% After 10 Days,1400% After 20 Days,2400% After 50 Days,VIP plan 1: 1500% After 5 Days, VIP plan 2: 2500% After 8 Days, VIP plan 3: 3500% After 30 Days

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Last Paid:Oct-23,2017


Min Deposit: 11
Max Deposit: 500000
Referral: 5
Withdrawal: Manual

Investment: $100.00 Payout: 28% User Rating: 10.0 (79 votes) Listed: 309 days

 Program Description 
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BITCOIN INVEST CLUB LTD is a cryptocurrency investment company based in the United Kingdom. Our Corporate Headquarters is located here: 44 Waterloo Road, London, NW2 7TX, UNITED KINGDOM. Registration number of our company - 10874403. The basis of our activity is focused on the exchange and trade popular cryptocurrencies, which is headed, of course, Bitcoin. Why is the activity related to the trade of cryptocurrency profitable? The world does not stand still and digital currencies are gaining popularity from year to year. Cryptocurrency literally have made irreversible changes in people's lives. New types of digital currency appear every day and this process indicates the growth of such currency popularity. Despite being so young, cryptocurrencies have already proved themselves to be a technology that the financial world can't do without.

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